A Message from Patty –

I have contacted Rep. Andria Bennett and congratulated her on the 32nd election win. This campaign set an example for being positive and about the issues concerning this district.
In keeping with the Sussex County Return Day tradition, I have inquired about riding with her in the parade.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with the campaign. The last three months would not have been possible without these wonderful people. I now know many more neighbors in the 32nd District and I am a better person for meeting and speaking to them.

Enjoy the coming holiday season and let us all be grateful for our blessings.

Patty Foltz

Patty Foltz with her family after the 2016 Election

Patty Foltz with her family after the 2016 Election

A Few Words in Support of Patty Foltz

Modified versions of these letters were published as letters to the editor in behalf of Patty Foltz:

“Dear Editor,

                I am writing this letter to endorse my former colleague and friend Patty Foltz. We taught together at Postlethwait Middle School for 18 years and both retired this past June. Patty has spent her life teaching and living Social Studies. Her passion for her subject and her students was paired with her high standards and dedication. As we discussed our retirement plans over many lunches this past school year, Patty shared her idea of running for State Representative. I was very excited to hear her plans.

 As we ended our teaching careers I watched Patty eagerly begin her plans to run for office.  As the people of the 32 District are finding out, Patty is putting her passion for Social Studies and Government into her campaign, just as she did during her teaching career. Ask any of her former students and they will share this enthusiasm with you. Mrs. Foltz “The Teacher” always emphasized to the students that their vote was the most powerful tool they had in government, especially local and State Government.

She is now asking her friends and neighbors of the 32nd District for their vote. She set out to knock on every door in the district in order to introduce herself to each of her neighbors. So far Patty has walked over 122 miles (according to her Fit Bit), and has visited with many people. If you missed her or she has not dropped by and knocked on your door yet, let me tell you that your vote for Patty Foltz will be a wise use of your constitutional right to vote. She has lived in the 32nd her entire life, and will be available to listen to your concerns as she represents all constituents in the district. When a teacher retires it leaves a large gap in their life as they no longer have the daily interaction with students to teach and share their passion. I cannot think of a better way for Patty to continue showing her students that what she taught for 36 years in class is what she lives in her daily life. I ask you to vote for Patty Foltz “The Teacher” and make her Patty Foltz “The Representative” on Nov 8. Your vote is valuable.

 Tim Finley”


“To whomever this may concern,

I know Ms. Foltz because she was my middle school social studies teacher for 2 years at Postlethwait middle school. Middle school is when I became interested in social studies because I always enjoyed her class and I learned things that I will remember for life. Ms. Foltz has been a resident of Delaware her whole life and has witnessed concerns she wants to bring attention to and I believe she can make a difference. I know Ms. Foltz is involved in the community by attending events and having the chance to talk one on one with the community. I admire politicians who take the time to talk with people and learn about what concerns they have for their town. I will vote for Ms. Foltz and I also encourage friends and family to vote for her in the November election. I tell friends and family to vote for her because she is determined to make a difference in Dover.

-Hyacinth Finkley”

In addition Patty is happy to accept the endorsement of the NFIB and she is grateful for all the work they do in support of Small Businesses:Patty Foltz NFIB Endorsement

Throwback Thursday – Hunting Edition!

Patty found this gem while looking through her old papers, and posted it on Facebook!  Enjoy this Throwback Thursday moment!

“I just found this article from Oct 1, 1975 where I was one of 5 women in the first 200 licenses sold for hunting in DE. I admitted I wasn’t a great shot, wasn’t keen on hunting deer and my Lab wasn’t really getting it with retrieving. LOL. Luckily my aim improved so the Lab became a great retriever. Deer hunting? I preferred goose, duck and dove hunting with some great hours of rabbit hunting with two super beagles mixed in. Great times! I ❤️ Kent County!”

Click to enlarge and check out the second paragraph.

Click to enlarge and check out the second paragraph, and also next to the picture.

Coming this Wednesday!

Patty will have an ad in the Dover Post this Wednesday.  Keep an eye out for it, and let us know if you find it or any other mentions of Patty in the news. Here is a preview:

Patty Foltz Dover Post Ad

Patty has had her answers to Candidate Surveys posted by four newspapers now, and we have a few letters to the editor coming soon as well.  Patty is working hard to ensure that the voters know who she is before Election Day.

The News Journal – http://data.delawareonline.com/webapps/Voters_Guide/241/493/

Dover Post – http://www.doverpost.com/news/20161029/final-weeks-kent-elections

Delaware State News – http://delawarestatenews.net/election-2016/bennett-foltz-tackle-issues-day-32nd-district/

Delaware Business Times – http://www.delawarebusinesstimes.com/patricia-mcdaniel-foltz-r/

Patty Foltz in the News

Patty is starting to show up in the news.

First, check out her candidate profile in the Dover Post.  You can find it about halfway down the page.

She also has a brief mention in this article in the Delaware State News:

First-term Rep. Sean Lynn is challenged by Republican Jean Dowding in the 31st District. Fellow Democrat Andria Bennett, who holds the 32nd District, will take on Patty Foltz in a contest the GOP thinks it has a good chance to win.

The Delaware State News also recognized her for being at last Wednesday’s Kent County debate:

“Charlotte Middleton who’s running for 1st District Levy Court commissioner, Michael Routh who’s running for Register of Wills, Ruth James who’s running for the 29th District state representative and Patricia McDaniel Foltz who’s running for the 32nd state representative were all in attendance as well, but were unable to participate because their opponents were not present.”

If you see any good news to share about Patty Foltz, please contact me at manager@pattyfoltz32nd.com